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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:15 pm    Post subject: Bubble Trubble Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Bubble Trubble Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Lucas, a runaway alien, disappointed because his parents have forgotten his birthday, makes his way to Earth, landing in an abandoned amusement park off of Route 1, on the outskirts of Trenton New Jersey. He unleashes an invasion of uncommon bubbles that have a curious effect on human adults - they are turned into happy, playful kids. The invasion of bubbles from an unidentified source causes a National Security Alarm, and so begins the race to save the World from an unknown "enemy"....Congress goes out for recess and apple juice; Supreme Court girls win a patty-cake contest; Wall Street types pelt one another with money balls; military tanks play bumper cars....stranger than life, or is it?
An invasion of alien bubbles causes wacky behavior, while government agents tries to find the perpetrator and save the planet from bubble trouble.


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